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Mykonos is the most party-centric destination in the world. As the nightlife capital of the Cyclades, Mykonos is the stomping ground for party-goers who are looking for a great choice of live music and unique clubbing experiences. Whether it is a flashy beach club or a whitewashed bar in town, the party here rocks until sunrise –or until you drop!


With plenty of internationally prized restaurants, Mykonos is a culinary paradise. Actually, life there revolves around two important settings – the beach and the dining table! With traditional tavernas, gourmet dining experiences and bohemian beach clubs, Mykonos has something to satisfy every occasion, craving and taste. You’ll be tempted, but don’t eat at the same place twice. New restaurants seem to appear all the time. But don’t be intimidated! We will help you to make the most of everything the island has to offer. Whether you’re seeking a long, luxurious lunch, a romantic dinner for two or a night to remember with friends, we’ll show you where to book your table.


Discover the mystery of the Mykonian deep –rich marine life, cavern systems, reefs, submerged canyons. Explore ancient and modern ship wrecks. Diving pros will be next to you in all phases of your day’s diving, with an unyielding commitment to safety, providing an underwater experience you will never forget, either you are an experienced diver, or a beginner, or you just want to roam around snorkeling. Kite-surfing is another great option. There’s no sensation to compare –you fly like you own the sky! A team of qualified instructors will guide you safely through the learning process so don’t be afraid if you’ve never flown a kite or set foot on a board. Wind-surfing of course, existed on the island, as a sports trend, since decades. Mykonos windy conditions and rough seas can be pretty extreme, which is what wind-surfers love in Mykonos.


Horse riding is a great sport for nature lovers, as it allows them to enjoy their adventures in the countryside on horseback. Ιf it is your favorite sport, there are plenty of places in Mykonos where you can ride. But even if it isn’t, Mykonos is the place to make some unforgettable memories on horseback. Riding can be a really rare and symbolic experience. You come close to nature, you seize the moment. Our professional local guides hold deep respect for the animals and nature with a keen eye on safety. Feel the magic of riding into the sunset along the water’s edge. If there is one place in the world where you can ride a horse naked… that would be Mykonos!


The town is a place you would want to be on your own and walk around. It is just an unbelievable place and the whole fun of traveling is exploring. Shopping in Mykonos Town (Chora) can turn into a little adventure of exploration and discovery. Chora is a shopaholic’s wonderland, with trendy stores and boutiques galore and a mind-boggling variety of merchandise. The shops in Mykonos are open all day, from morning until late after midnight. Souvenir shops, high label designers clothes and shoe shops, art galleries and many fine jewellery stores offering beautiful creations inspired by the Greek jewels of ancient times.